Which Card To Choose In 2018 To Pay Salary To Employees

Employers need to use the right bank card to pay the salary to employees. The banks of America developed multiple cards for such purposes. One of the most attractive plastics for such purchases is American Express Serve payroll card.

The payroll plastics were designed to enable the enterprises to pay salaries to the employers. These types of plastics are particularly beneficial for the employees. They do not get too many additional charges. On top of that, they can enjoy considerable benefits the plastic brings.


American Express Serve Payroll Card

American Express is one of the most reputable financial institution in US. It is known for innovative products. It was one of the first that started to issue payroll plastics. American Express Serve is the plastic that is truly beneficial to get the salary on. Here are the main advantages of it.

  1. There is no fee to deposit money on it. So, when the enterprise puts salary on such a card it will cost nothing to the enterprise.
  2. There is no charge for online purchases. That is quite an attractive bonus the clients truly enjoy.
  3. There is no cost for money withdrawal MoneyPass ATMs. However, there is a charge of 3.5 dollars to withdraw cash at other ATMs.
  4. The foreign transaction fee is quite low. It is 2.7 dollars per transaction outside US.
  5. Money transfer is available for clients. The rate for such a transfer is 16.99 dollars for the transfer of up to 2 500 dollars.

These features make this plastic one of the most attractive cards available. The payroll cards are beneficial to use for the employers. They usually offer lower fee for business related transactions


Manage Your Income In A Right Way

When the person gets a salary there is no need to keep it regularly on payroll card. There are many ways to make profit from your money. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Open a saving account. This type of account is specifically developed to keep money on it and to get the return on your saving. In order to so, the client has to put money on such an account and check if he regularly gets interest on his deposit.
  • Open a credit card. The credit cards usually offer many great advantages. The person can get a cash return and much more. If the client uses the credit, but has money on his salary plastic, he can make payments on credit card regularly. That is a good and advantageous way to use the salary.

Use these tips to enjoy the convenience of the salary plastic. You have to remember that the best is to invest money. That is the only way to make it work for you.

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