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Finding delicious recipes that also are kosher for Passover is a daunting task, especially when you have all your relatives to please. If you need some ideas, here are 10 Passover recipes that the whole family will love!

1. Coconut Macaroons

Passover recipes for desserts have a reputation for being subpar, but this recipe is absolutely delectable and completely kosher! This recipe only uses four ingredients, making it one of the easiest Passover recipes to put together. Your whole family will be raving about these and asking you to make them, even when it’s not Passover!


2. Passover Bagels

A bread free breakfast is the hardest part of Passover for me, but this kosher bagel recipe allows you to have breakfast as usual! They’re surprisingly easy to make and will keep you satisfied throughout the day. To really spice up this recipe, you can get everything bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s and sprinkle some on the bagels before they go in the oven.


3. Flourless Chocolate Brownies

This is another great Passover dessert that will please everyone who eats it. Even though the brownies are flourless, they’re still just as tasty and have a delicious, rich taste. You can keep these brownies around for deserts during the week or serve them at the seder. No matter when you decide to cook these tasty treats, they’ll go quickly!

4. Coq Au Vin

This is a French recipe, but because it uses no flour, it easily fits into the category of great Passover recipes. It’s a savory mix of chicken, onions, and mushrooms, but you can add more vegetables if you want. This recipe is faster than the usual all-day ordeal of making coq au vin, so it’s perfect for the main course of your seder or for another night during the week!


5. Buffalo Mushroom Matzah Pizza

If you need more lunch options to get you through Passover, this is a great option to try. It only takes twenty-five minutes to make and requires only a few ingredients, so it’s perfect for a day when you’re in a rush. With delicious ingredients on top, you’ll barely even notice that you’re eating matzah!


6. Pomegranate Braised Brisket

Brisket at a Passover seder is expected, but the pomegranate touch is a twist on the classic recipe that will excite your whole family. This is a great meal to make too because you’ll definitely have leftovers that you can eat throughout the week of Passover. It takes just as much time to make as a normal brisket, but this recipe will shake everyone out of their usual Passover dinner routine!

7. Matzah Heuvos Rancheros

This is another must add dish to your collection of Passover recipes. It’s great for breakfast or lunch and it’s family friendly if you have younger family members visiting. It takes only ten minutes to make, so it’s totally stress-free and wonderfully delicious!


8. Salmon Frittata

If you’re planning on having a brunch, this is one of those Passover recipes that you have to try! It’s full of protein and absolutely delicious so it will keep you satisfying throughout the day. The frittata is loaded with vegetables too, so it’s a fairly healthy option for your family that they’ll all be dying to get a bite of!


9. Chocolate Caramel Matzah Brittle

Everyone loves matzah brittle, and your family will be especially tempted by this chocolate and caramel recipe. This recipe makes around thirty candy pieces so it’s great to keep around during Passover as a dessert or indulgent snack. This recipe is so delicious that you may end up wanting it even when it’s not Passover!

10. Spinach Potato Nests

This is a really unexpected Passover friendly recipe that is great to serve as an appetizer for the main seder meal or for a snack later on during the week. It’s like having spinach dip and chips, only better and in cute little bite size pieces! This recipe takes a decent amount of prep, but it will seriously impress not only your parents, but the rest of your family too!


Which of these Passover recipes are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Passover Recipes That The Whole Family Will Love - Society19 (2024)
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