65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (2024)

Are you wondering what are you going to cook on your next camping trip? How about one of these Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes?

We have gathered the ultimate collection of delicious recipes made in a Dutch Oven. Sure, you can make these at home in an enamel Dutch Oven, but these recipes are perfect for cast-iron flat-lid pots. You know, the ones with feet you put coals under and on top of the lid.

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What is a Dutch Oven?

A Camping Dutch Oven is different from the enamel flat-bottom pots you use at home. The best Dutch Ovens for camping are made of cast iron and have feet to hold the bottom of the Dutch Oven up over the heat source. The flat lid has a rim for you to put hot coals on to provide heat for camp cooking.

These durable ovens can be passed down from generation to generation because they will last forever. It is our favorite way to make delicious meals out at the campground.

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You cook with a Dutch Oven by:

  1. Heating up coals or other heat source
  2. Place food into the lined pot
  3. Put coals under the pot and on top of the Dutch Oven lid
  4. Rotate the pot and lid to ensure even heating
  5. Add more coals for longer bakes
65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (3)

All the essentials that you need to cook are listed below.

65 Dutch Oven Camping Recipes

These delicious Dutch oven recipes are organized not only by meal but also by flavor. We have breakfasts, main dishes, and desserts. Main dishes are organized by main ingredients. Desserts are broken down by chocolate, cobblers, apple, and others.

You are sure to put together a great meal from this list.

Dutch Oven Breakfast Recipes

Start your day off right with one of these fun breakfasts.

French Toast Casserole

One of our favorite breakfasts is this French Toast Bake. You can do some of the prep at home, but don’t forget to pack the maple syrup!

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls

Everyone loves cinnamon rolls. Impress your camping family and friends with a Gigantic Cinnamon Roll.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (4)

Mountain Man Breakfast Casserole

If you want to start the day with a hearty breakfast, make Mountain Man Breakfast with eggs, hash browns, cheese, and a choice of morning meat.

Biscuits and Gravy

Cook up the sausage gravy in the bottom of the oven, then top it with eggs and refrigerated biscuits to create these Camping Biscuits & Gravy

Dutch Oven Breads

Add bread to your meal with one of these recipes.

Classic Bread Loaf

A hearty Loaf of Bread pairs up with so many dishes. Stack two ovens baking with a main dish on the bottom and bread on the top.

Australian Damper

This Damper is an easy soda quick bread. It can be made in a Dutch oven, camp stove, or oven, or wrapped around a stick and cooked over a campfire. It is an Aussie classic.

Zucchini Bread

If you have a lot of zucchini to use up, then we recommend making this Zucchini Bread. It is versatile as a breakfast, side, or dessert.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (5)

Favorite Dutch Oven Recipes

Whether lunch or dinner, these savory dishes are bound to fill some happy camper tummies. These easy Dutch Oven recipes have been divided into chicken recipes, beef, Mexican food, vegetarian, and more of our favorite recipes.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (6)

Chicken Dutch Oven Recipes

Chicken & Veggies

Our favorite campfire Dutch Oven dinner is this . It is a simple recipe that you just dump in the pot with amazing results.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (7)

Chicken & Rice

Another easy recipe that calls for layering simple ingredients is .

Chicken & Pasta

This can be cooked right over the campfire. This one-pot meal uses big-fat pasta and your favorite sauce.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (8)

Lemon Chicken

With lemon and herbs, this Dutch Oven Lemon Chicken is sure to become a family favorite.

Whole Chicken

Enjoy a tender and juicy bird when you make this Whole Chicken in a Dutch Oven.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (9)

Chicken & Squash

This Chicken with Squash is another great food that can be cooked over the campfire.

Chicken Cacciatore

This Italian-inspired Chicken Cacciatore recipe can be adapted with your favorite cut of chicken. This hearty recipe is great for feeding a large group.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (10)

Dutch Oven Beef Recipes

Whether it is a roast or ground, there are so many options for cooking with beef while camping. Try one of these tasty Dutch Oven recipes.

Salisbury Steak

Flavor abounds in this amazing Salisbury Steak Recipe. This hearty meal includes a mushroom gravy that is good enough for turkey or other meats.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (11)

Shepherd’s Pie

Layer potatoes over a simple meat mixture to create a Shepherd’s Pie in the Dutch Oven.

Beef Stew

Beef Stew is a classic that is easy to make in an iron pot.

Pot Roast

This Dutch Oven Roast Recipe produces the most tender beef.

Mexican-Inspired Dutch Oven Recipes

You do not have to cross the border to enjoy these favorites.

Camping Tacos Casserole

This Taco Casserole Recipe is delicious and filling.


These Dutch Oven Enchiladas are stuffed with beans and veggies and smothered with sauce and cheese. Yum!

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (12)


Pile chips, cheese, and your favorite toppings into your pot and create some Dutch Oven Nachos. You should also check out our Grilled Nachos. Don’t forget the sour cream!

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (13)


Mexican pulled pork, commonly known as Carnitas bakes all afternoon. The extra time will have you salivating for dinner.

Dutch Oven Vegetarian Dishes

Meat is not necessary for a delicious meal.

Dutch Oven Pizza

Homemade or refrigerated dough is elevated in this Dutch Oven Pizza recipe.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (14)

Jackfruit Stew

Jackfruit is a great meat substitute to put in this Vegetable Stew. This easy camping recipe is full of fresh ingredients.

Macaroni & Cheese

No need to make a roux for this simple . Top it with potato chips for added flavor and crunch. This great recipe is good comfort food!

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (15)


This Dutch Oven Chili is naturally vegan but will be loved by all.

More Recipes

Here are a few more Dutch Oven camping recipes for you to try on your next trip.

Brats & Sauerkraut

These Bratwurts & Sauerkraut are cooked in beer. What a classic!


It is usually a labor-intensive recipe, but not this Easy Lasagna recipe.

Italian Stuffed Peppers

Enjoy the bold flavors of Stuffed Bell Peppers. The cast iron pot really elevates them!

Bacon-Topped Meatloaf

Bacon caps off this delicious Dutch Oven Meatloaf recipe with ground beef and pork.

Osso Buco

For something a little different, try Osso Buco. Best of all, it is made with beer!

Chicken Chili

Looking for something simple? This Chicken Black Bean Chili uses premade ingredients for a quick dump-and-cook meal.

Amazing Dutch Oven Camping Desserts

Now it is time for our favorite meal: Desserts!

We have divided the Dutch oven dessert recipes into several segments. First is chocolate, which includes s’more recipes. That is followed by cobblers, apple recipes, and then the rest.

You will find enough variety to last throughout the camping season.

Dutch Oven Tip
Cook dinner and dessert at the same time by stacking Dutch ovens.
Put the pot with the shorter baking time on top. Shown is a 6 qt Dutch Oven on top of a 8 qt Deep Dutch Oven.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (17)

Chocolate Dutch Oven Recipes

Craving chocolate? Then enjoy one of these simple desserts.

Easy Chocolate Cake

This yummy Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake is an easy dessert with a boxed cake mix. Give it a try!

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (18)

Chocolate Cherry Lava Cake

Do you love the combination of cherries and chocolate? Even if you don’t, you will love this Cherry Chocolate Lava Cake!

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (19)

Dutch Oven Brownies

Yes, you can make Brownies in a Dutch Oven. It has to be the easiest recipe in this collection with three ingredients. There is also S’more Brownies.

Dutch Oven S’mores Cake

A camping friend of mine calls this Death by S’mores. This chocolate dump cake is s’mores on steroids.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (20)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake

Look at all that chocolatey peanut buttery goodness in this Dutch Oven Peanut Butter Cup Cake. If you love Reece’s, then you will love this amazing recipe.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (21)

Turtle Lava Cake

If you love the combination of chocolate, caramel, and pecans, then you will love this Turtle Lava Cake.

German Chocolate Dump Cake

This simple German Chocolate Cake recipe uses premade ingredients that you dump into the pot.

S’more Pie

Haven’t had enough s’mores? Try Dutch Oven S’more Pie.

Mini Lava Cakes

Love little things? Then try these Dutch Oven Mini Lava Cakes.

Mississippi Mud Cake

Especially thick and rich chocolate in this Dutch Oven Mississippi Mud Cake.

Dutch Oven S’more Dip

This S’more Dip recipe is a crowd-pleaser that is easy to make. Grilled S’more Nachos is another way to enjoy this top camping dessert.

Dutch Oven Cobblers & Crisps Recipes

Cobblers and Crisps are amongst the most popular Dutch Oven desserts. We have curated the best for this list.

Blackberry Peach Crisp

Make a tasty Blackberry Peach Crisp with two amazing summer fruits.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (22)

Whiskey Peach Cobbler

Did you know that peaches and whiskey go together well? Never so better than in this Whiskey Peach Cobbler. This recipe is shown in a cast-iron skillet but can be baked in an oven.

Cake & Berry Campfire Cobbler

Another easy recipe is this Cake & Berry Cobbler, which can be customized with your favorite berries.

Texas Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

Look at this amazing Texas Peach Cobbler made in a Dutch Oven. What a beautiful lattice crust. Can you see the shape of Texas?

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (23)

Blueberry Cobbler

What should you do with all those blueberries that you picked? Make this Blueberry Cobbler.

Blackberry Dutch Oven Cobbler

This Campfire Blackberry Cobbler can be cooked over the fire with just three ingredients. It is easy to adapt and enjoy!

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (24)

Dutch Oven Rhubarb Crisp

Do you grow rhubarb? If so, you must make this Rhubarb Crisp. It is one of my favorite fruits, so I freeze it to use in recipes like this.

Remarkable Dutch Oven Apple Desserts

Since apples can be purchased all year, you do not have to wait for fall to make one of these tasty recipes.

Dutch Oven Apple Crumble

Our camping buddy, Peggy, shared this Apple Crumble Dutch Oven Recipe with us. No ice cream is needed!

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll Dessert

Frozen cinnamon roll dough is the base of this Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll Pie. I think of it as Camping Monkey Bread.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (25)

Apple Spice Cobbler

This Apple Spice Dump Cobbler is tasty and so easy to make while camping.

Cinnamon Apple Cake

Get more apples and cinnamon with this Cinnamon Apple Cake. Add a can of apple pie filling to the bottom of the oven to elevate this dessert.

Apple Fluff

Try something a little different with this tasty Dutch Oven Apple Fluff recipe.

Cranberry Apple Dump Cake

You do not have to be a cranberry fan to enjoy this Cranberry Apple Cake. With or without pecans, it is the perfect dessert for fall camping.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (26)

Apple Crisp

Making a crisp isn’t difficult when you use instant oatmeal packets. This Apple Crisp recipe is shown baked at home but includes directions for making it in a Dutch Oven while camping.

More Dutch Oven Desserts

From Dump Cakes to Cookies, here are some traditional and not-so-traditional desserts made in a cast iron oven.

Classic Dump Cake

One of our most requested is this Dutch Oven Dump Cake. It tastes fantastic with or without pineapple.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (27)

Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake

Blueberries and lemon are a wonderful combination in this Dutch Oven Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake recipe.

Two Great Pumpkin Cake Recipes

This Dutch Oven Pumpkin Pie Cake is a cake on top of a pie. It’s a great texture combination you can make at home for the holidays.

It does not get any easier than this Pumpkin Angel Food Cake recipe with three simple ingredients.

65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (28)

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

You must try this Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. It is so amazing!

Carrot Cake

One of my favorites is Carrot Cake, which tastes great baked in cast iron.

Dutch Oven Strawberry Cheesecake

Fresh berries create a delicious Strawberry Cheesecake dessert.

Strawberry Lemon Cobbler

Another dump recipe that combines the great taste combination of .

Berry Hazelnut Crumble Pie

Three different berries make up this easy Berry Hazelnut Pie recipe.

Raspberry Pudding Cake

Another winner is this Raspberry Pudding Cake, which can easily be swapped out with your choice of berry.

Dutch Oven Sugar Cookie

Bake Sugar Cookies in the Dutch oven with this easy recipe.

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65 Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (2024)
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