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Hotel guests expect a certain quality when it comes to their hotel experience. They want to feel comfortable and valued, and using our world-class software, hoteliers can guarantee that they do, making guest services available constant and convenient through digital channels.

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The secret of our success is no secret at all: we are hard at work at all times, keeping our offerings perfect. The InnSpire Guest Journey platform does it all: Food & Beverage Ordering, Service Requests, Guests Communication, Interactive Room Controls, and Mobile Key is a possible integration too. The world’s most high-tech and luxurious hotels know that they can trust the InnSpire for all their guest service needs and to make every in-room experience memorable and positive.

Guest room TV, voice, in-room controls, door-controls and much more have never been so straightforward and manageable as they are when you use InnSpire. Our intuitive, attractive icons make our touchscreens incredibly easy to master, so whatever your guests need, it is always just a touch away.

What makes a leading hotel special? We believe that it is superiority in the experience, and this can be expressed in so many ways – from the service, the personal touch, the spa amenities, in-room service, or concierge service for example, which is why InnSpire focuses on making all these features more accessible through photo, video, and descriptive content. Our solutions are interactive, making the guests feel heard and understood, and we are combining services, merchandise, and products into a single platform, eliminating outdated, inefficient tent cards and flyers.

To leave your guests smiling and to give your revenues a boost, the InnSpire Guest Jounry Platform is exactly what you need. We make top-quality guest experiences simpler and more cost-effective, and because our solutions are versatile, they can touch every point in your hotel: dining, in-room services, the lobby, and elsewhere. We can even develop web-based and app solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Developing a new product, of course, can be tricky, but the InnSpire Guest API puts everything a little more within your reach. Don’t take on too much risk or push back your delivery date over and over! Taking advantage of our offerings (and our 9+ years of R&D experience), you can set yourself up for success and minimize the risk that you take as you implement new tech into your hotel.

The InnSpire Platform comes with the versatility and the completeness that you need to ensure a seamless end-to-end guest experience. We host everything in the cloud, making this solution lightning-fast for you and your guests. Innovation and interactivity are just the beginning: we can do it all, and we can do it right from your tablet. Make this a solution that you can be proud to put your name on, and then put your name on it! Your property’s brand will feature prominently on the interface, as will your style sensibilities and branding colors, fitting right in with all the other decor you have so carefully curated. This is the revenue-boosting solution you need to take care of all of your service requests from a single node.

One Room, One Tablet

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The modern guest has certain ideas about what should come with a hotel room (or what is possible), and InnSpire Guest Journey Platfrom takes all that to heart. Available on modern tablets running iOS or Android, the InnSpire Platform pairs with a room in your hotel, automatically updating language settings and personalization upon check-in, based presets. Your guests can InnSpire to manage room temperature, lighting settings, the in-room television (even getting TV listings through the guide), and in-room dining (accessing the food and drink menu and placing orders) and much more.

Connect with Any Device

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Often, guests prefer to use their own smartphones or tablets. That is no problem! Anyone can download InnSpire Guest Mobile through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and stay in touch with the hotel before and after check-in through our state-of-the-art 2-Way Messaging System. Guest can receive a Mobile Key where applicable, taking care of all their needs, and anyone can order food poolside, for pick-up, and of course, in-room

In-room control (GRMS)

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Guests will take to InnSpire’s room control features in no time at all. Fashioned after your hotel’s styling, the InnSpire GRMS means that your guests can turn on lights, open and close curtains, and set room temperature right from their devices. All buttons are also translated into multiple languages, a major plus to all international guests.

Building a Brand

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InnSpire is here to help solidify loyalty in your brand by optimizing guest experiences. Our strategies include widespread simplifications of the guest experience, storing guest preferences inside profiles on Opera so that the platform can set these preferences automatically anytime the guests checks in again.

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Apps & Web-apps | InnSpire (2024)
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