Carnivore Diet Food List (Printable PDF) (2024)

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Download our Carnivore Diet Food List and start your ultra-low carb journey today! This PDFlist is easy to open and use on any device. It’s printable, so if you prefer having a paper to stick on the fridge or fold up in your wallet, you can print it out at home too. These are the foods to eat on a carnivore diet, stick to these and you’ll have success!

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What is Allowed on a Carnivore Diet?

A carnivorous diet revolves exclusively around animal foods and excludes all other fibrous plant foods.

Want to know exactly what to eat on a carnivore diet?

  • Meat: ruminant animals (beef, lamb/mutton, bison, etc), poultry (chicken, turkey, etc), pork, organ meats
  • Fish & seafood: freshwater or ocean fish (trout, sea bass, salmon, sardines, etc), shellfish (clams, oysters, muscles, etc)
  • Other animal foods: eggs, bone broth, bone marrow
  • Animal fat: butter, tallow, lard, suet
  • Dairy foods: raw milk, soft and aged cheese, homemade raw milk yogurt, kefir
  • Salt: unprocessed, mineral-rich types of gourmet salt
  • Water

Take a look How to Cook Meat on a Carnivore Diet and learn all the cooking techniques!

If you need help with your plan, use my carnivore diet meal plan to get started. I also have many carnivore diet meal prep tips you can try.

Are you craving easy and delicious carnivore recipes? Check out my Carnivore Cookbook for simple and straightforward recipes you’ll love!

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What Spices Can I Use on the Carnivore Diet?

A strict carnivore cooking style does not use herbs and spices. For this approach, salt is used for electrolytes and suffices for seasoning. Surprisingly, most people are satisfied with this and achieve positive carnivore diet results.

The decision to use or not use spices will depend on your context, goals, and individual tolerance to specific foods.

Adding in select plant foods technically puts you in the category of “keto carnivore” or “carnivore keto” which is perfectly acceptable if it works for you. People often settle into this style after being strict meat-only for a while. Many find long-term success with foods acceptable on a low oxalate diet.

I recommend the keto carnivore recipes in our collection of carnivore diet recipes.

If you do want to experiment with certain spices, know which are the best and worst herbs and spices. Start with the recommended culinary herbs and test them for yourself when you are ready.

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What Snacks Can I Eat on Carnivore Diet?

For your long-term health, it’s best to eat solid meals and eliminate the snacking habit altogether. This is particularly true if your main goal is fat loss, auto-immune recovery, or improving your general healthy daily routine.

That being said, you might find yourself hungry but not able to have a complete meal. In these times, grab a carnivore approved snack to tide you over until later.

Many of these foods are also shelf-stable and good to stock up on as carnivore keto emergency foods.

  • Pemmican
  • Liver chips
  • Carnivore bone broth
  • Pickled eggs
  • Mini meat pies
  • Beef jerky and meat sticks
  • Liverwurst
  • Canned fish
  • Pork rinds

Printable Carnivore Diet Food List

Download this printable carnivore diet food list PDF to stay on track and simplify your shopping experience.

Our printable Carnivore Diet Food List includes:

  • Carnivore Diet Food List
  • Step by step directions on how to start sourcing from local producers in person
  • A collection of top-rated online retailers for quality animal foods

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In addition to the easy to read carnivore grocery list, we share a brief tutorial with 3 simple steps to help you connect with farmers and food suppliers in person.

Buying direct from the producers themselves saves you money and fosters valuable relationships within your local community.

For your shopping convenience, we also include a list of top rated websites where you can order animal foods online.

Specialty cuts, organ meats, and bones may be a little difficult to find at a store, depending on where you live. So in these cases, ordering online may be a good option.

The Carnivore Diet Macro Food Chart is another free printable we have for you. It compliments the shopping list, so you have the full macro profile for the most popular carnivore-friendly ingredients!

I think you’ll also enjoy these printable carnivore diet meal planning sheets!

Do you need meal ideas? Try these 30 Easy Carnivore Diet Meal Ideas.

I also have a page of 70+ carnivore diet resources you can use!

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Do You Have to Eat Organ Meat?

Organ meat is not required. Although, with so many benefits of organ meat, many people on a carnivorous diet choose to eat them and find ways to cook organ meat recipes that are actually worth enjoying.

If you’re just getting started with organ meats, I recommend The Carnivore Cookbook. Both are excellent recipe collections focused on animal-based nutrition.

Having the foresight to plan out your menu a week or month ahead of time is a huge time saver. It cuts out the last-minute stress of scrambling for ingredients and trying to pull a meal together. Being prepared makes it easier to change your daily habits and succeed long-term.

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Zero Carb Carnivore Diet

An animal-sourced foods diet is often a zero carb diet. All fruits, vegetables, grains, starches, nuts, seeds, legumes, and sugars are avoided.

Traditionally, a keto diet is low-carb. The daily limit is usually set as 50 grams total carb or 30 grams net carb. To achieve a ketotic state and make the metabolic switch away from glucose, fat must be the fuel source. This fat can come from your body or your plate.

If you follow a zero carb carnivore diet, you will also be in the state of ketosis and want to use fat for energy. For this reason, fatty animal foods are essential.

You are encouraged to eat both animal protein and fat liberally. The goal in doing so is to reach satiety. Both are important macros for your health and wellbeing.

If you’re ever worried that you’ll get bored on this kind of diet, try our Carnivore Diet Challenge! The fun and creative tasks will help you fall in love with an animal-based lifestyle so you can enjoy this WOE long-term.

Adding in occasional carnivore diet dessert recipes can also mix things up a bit and keep you on track.

Zero Carb Food List

Various foods and drinks are allowed on a zero-carb diet. This is a strict carnivorous cooking style and limits all sauces, herbs, spices, and condiments. Dairy foods and honey are also omitted.

All animal fat and muscle meats are zero carb foods. Some organ meats have ultra-low carbohydrate levels and are usually considered as zero-carb foods since the amounts are so negligible.

All of the meat and fat options included in our carnivore diet food list are zero carb food options.

I hope this shopping guide makes your carnivore journey simple and easy! That’s our goal in all that we do.

We’re here to cut through the confusion and present a no-nonsense approach to the carnivore diet and lifestyle.

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Carnivore Diet and Honey

We’ve got over the zero-carb approach. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with carbohydrate. Although, it is not an essential nutrient, carbs can be useful in specific situations.

Honey is a favorite animal-sourced carbohydrate. It’s widely available, generally affordable, nutrient-dense, and easily digestible. (1)

A high-quality raw honey can have a place in a diet of pure animal foods.

Learn more about using carbs on a carnivore diet and how to add in honey appropriately in our video, Carnivore, Animal-Based Diet & Carbs?

Raw Milk on a Carnivore Diet

Animal sourced carbs can also come from raw milk and dairy foods.

We find raw dairy a useful tool to build muscle and gain weight on carnivore.

Raw dairy is also useful for recovering vegans and vegetarians. Many ex-vegan testimonials illustrate the health-promoting, gut-healing benefits of raw milk also.

Raw milk is specified over pasteurized milk.

If this is a new topic for you I recommend listening to this short clip from our podcast with Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation called Is Raw Milk Bad? This segment explains how big industry ruined dairy and the misconceptions around fresh raw milk. is a great resource for learning about the safety and health benefits of raw milk. There is also a searchable database of farmers that sell raw milk around the world.

This post was originally published on May 7, 2019 and republished on Oct 14, 2020 with updated information and images.

Carnivore Diet Food List (Printable PDF) (2024)
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