CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (2024)

CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (3)

CVS Health






CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (4)

CVS Health




Performance History

CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (5)
Key Stats
Prev. Close$61.00
Next Earnings DateJul 30, 2024
Dividend Yield%4.33%
Market Cap$77.04B
PE Ratio10.77
Day Range60.4861.63
52 Week Range52.7783.25
P/B Ratio1.13
Operating M.%2.13%
Earnings Growth%100.91%
EBITDA Margin%4.73%

Score Breakdown

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CVS Health Corporation provides health services in the United States. It operates through Health Care Benefits, Pharmacy Services, and Retail/LTC segments. The Health Care Benefits segment offers traditional, voluntary, and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services. It serves employer groups, individuals, college students, part-time and hourly workers, health plans, health care providers, governmental units, government-sponsored plans, labor groups, and expatriates. The Pharmacy Services segment offers pharmacy benefit management solutions, including plan design and administration, formulary management, retail pharmacy network management, mail order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy and infusion, clinical, and disease and medical spend management services. It serves employers, insurance companies, unions, government employee groups, health plans, prescription drug plans, Medicaid managed care plans, plans offered on public health insurance and private health insurance exchanges, other sponsors of health benefit plans, and individuals. This segment operates retail specialty pharmacy stores; and specialty mail-order, mail-order dispensing, and compounding pharmacies, as well as branches for infusion and enteral nutrition services. The Retail/LTC segment sells prescription and over-the-counter drugs, consumer health and beauty products, and personal care products; and provides health care services through its MinuteClinic walk-in medical clinics. This segment also distributes prescription drugs; and provides related pharmacy consulting and other ancillary services to care facilities and other care settings. The company was formerly known as CVS Caremark Corporation and changed its name to CVS Health Corporation in September 2014. CVS Health Corporation was incorporated in 1996 and is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.


Healthcare Plans

Ms. Karen Sue Lynch




CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (10)

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Frequently Asked Questions

CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (11)


What is CVS Health's (CVS) price per share?

The current price per share for CVS Health (CVS) is $61.37. The stock has seen a price change of $0.37 recently, indicating a 0.61% change. This reflects the stock's recent market performance and investor sentiment.


What is the 52-week high and low for CVS Health (CVS)?

For CVS Health (CVS), the 52-week high is $83.25, which is 35.65% from the current price. The 52-week low is $52.77, the current price is 16.3% above the 52-week low. This gives investors an insight into the stock's volatility and price range over the past year.


Is CVS Health (CVS) a growth stock?

CVS Health (CVS) has shown an average price growth of 0.41% over the past three years. It has received a score of 54 out of 100 based on the Stocklytics formula. The interpretation of this score in terms of classifying CVS Health as a growth stock may vary, considering it is one of many factors investors might evaluate, including market trends, financial performance, and future prospects of the company.


What is CVS Health (CVS) stock price performance year to date (YTD)?

As of the latest data, CVS Health (CVS) has a year-to-date price change of -24.09%. Over the past month, the stock has experienced a price change of 10.28%. Over the last three months, the change has been -22.3%. Over the past six months, the figure is -22.32%. Looking at a longer horizon, the five-year price change stands at 15.49%.


Is CVS Health (CVS) a profitable company?

CVS Health (CVS) has a net income of $8.37B, which represents the company's total earnings after all expenses have been deducted from revenues. The gross margin of indicates the percentage of revenue that exceeds the cost of goods sold, and the operating margin of 2.13% reflects the percentage of revenue remaining after covering variable production costs, highlighting the efficiency of the company's core operations. Total revenue stands at , with a revenue growth rate of 10.95%, providing insight into the company's sales performance and growth. Operating income is noted at $13.74B. Furthermore, the EBITDA is $17.67B.


What is the market capitalization of CVS Health (CVS)?

CVS Health (CVS) has a market capitalization of $77.04B. The average daily trading volume is 11.41M, indicating the stock's liquidity and investor engagement.


CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (18)

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CVS Health Corp (CVS) Summary: Stock Price History, News, Analysis, Market Cap (2024)
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