Enchantma Designs was founded in 2008 by founder and director, Michelle Mozes. Don’t let the cute, pink exterior fool you: Michelle is serious when it comes to business and design, and runs on the belief that nothing is impossible. She rises to every challenge – from last minute requests to tight deadlines – and creates bold designs that defy the imagination, for her nationwide clientele.

Enchantma Designs sets itself apart among competitors because of the individualized attention given to each customer, the virtually unbeatable turnaround times, and the community-immersion that Enchantma values so deeply. A percentage of profits from each of Michelle’s projects goes directly to charity. Since it’s inception, Enchantma Designs has raised awareness for many causes, and thousands of dollars to benefit sick children, homeless families, educational facilities, and people in need of assistance during times of crisis.

Michelle’s clientele knows to expect the top quality of art and service, at the best prices. To hire Enchantma Designs for your creative project, or to support a worthy cause, please reach out to Michelle via the contact page.


Michelle is a multi-award winning artist who graduated Summa Cum Laude with honors, receiving her BFA in Art and Film in 2010. She is best known by the moniker “enchantma” which inspired her business name. Michelle is an art director for a high end jewelry boutique in NYC, and a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for various companies worldwide. On weekends, Michelle is the director of Art and Creative Self-Expression for Brooklyn’s most popular girls’ extracurricular program, where she works hands-on with children as an instructor and role model. Michelle fuels her creativity with red velvet cake and coffee. She enjoys traveling, video games, shopping, and drawing comics.


The romantic couple, Girl Bunny & Boy Bunny, have been the official mascots of Enchantma Designs since its establishment, and they make cameo appearances throughout the site. The reason for these cute little characters, you ask? Michelle’s love of plaid, pink, and adorable white bunnies.


Add her first and middle initial to “enchant” and you get Michelle’s nickname, “enchantma.” Her fabulous persona and “enchanting” flair make this nickname suitable for the artist with a magical creative touch.

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